The Bathhouse


The property has a well-developed infrastructure that includes two comfortable living spaces, separate garages and shop spaces, a commercial kitchen and laundry facility, fuel, energy, and woodsheds, and a beautifully appointed bathhouse.

Taxes: ~$1, 700 CAN in 2014

The Bathhouse

The Bathhouse

>1000 sq. feet of pure relaxation

Elegantly crafted, the bath house is a comfortable space with a huge sun-drenched porch.  Inside there is a large custom-build cedar and driftwood sauna, and large tilled bath with shower, claw foot tub, sink, and toilet.

There is an appox 400 gallon sunken cold tub in deck, and flower boxes around perimeter of deck.

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The Cabin

The Cabin

Beautifully appointed and finished

Hand-built cabin with rustic charm and modern amenities.  The cabin is largely constructed of local materials, including a beautiful juniper railing on the porch.  Solidly built by local master carpenters.  The interior is bright and spacious, with a full kitchen, dining area, living room with a sleeping nook, and a sleeping loft.  The front door opens on to a lovely covered porch with a southern exposure overlooking the grounds.

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Guest accommodation, workshop, commercial kitchen, and laundry

The Guest House

Over 1800 sq. ft. of living space

The “guest house” building is nearly 2000 sq ft, with utility space on the ground floor, including a well-provisioned commercial kitchen, completely frost-free water system and storage, a laundry / utility room, a small shop and a 2-car garage.

Upstairs is a well-appointed guest house, with lovely light and views, 1 bedroom plus a sleeping loft.

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Energy Systems and Storage

The Barn

700 sq. ft. with complete energy system

The “Barn” is a purpose-built structure that houses the energy systems and grounds maintenance equipment.  The top-of-line alternate energy system includes AC inverter, large battery bank, and a Kubota backup diesel generator.  The closed garage houses a Kubota tractor with trailer, wood splitter, a deluxe Kubota ride-on lawn mower, and motor bike.  Covered storage at the back houses 2 x 500 gal. diesel storage tanks.

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